Power Animals

By Ancient Ones (other events)

Sunday, June 2 2019 1:00 PM 4:00 PM

Once upon a time we felt a deep connection to Mother Earth.  We experienced the forces and rhythms of her energy within ours.  We knew animals had much to teach for all who would listen. We listened then. As lives evolved along with technology and cultures, we lost this unity with Nature and the animals. We stopped listening and yet these animals still speak to us.  It is time to learn what your Power Animal is in order to re-open this connection to the Lower World and learn more about your human experience and give meaning to your Life and  to Mother Earth.  It is an Ancient way to connect more deeply with yourself, who you are, and the natural World.  Power animals are archetypal and they also act as guides.  We will take a guided meditational journey on the quest to discover your "Power Animal".   We will be open for discussion afterwards along with some refreshments.

Marian Grey C.H. Herbalists, Healer, Esoteric